Bluerock Projects can provide various types of documentation for your strata property:


  • 10 Year Maintenance Plans

Fully compliant with the new regulations our reports are provide all the required technical information but at the same time are easy to use and understand. Additionally plans can be provided in any time frame requested.


  • End of Defect Liability Period Inspection Reports

At the end of your new buildings typically 6 or 12 months defects liability period it is useful to get an independent inspection for items that, once identified, can eliminate or reduce future maintenance costs.


  • Building Inspection Reports

At certain points in the ageing process for a building it is useful to get a comprehensive inspection report done to consolidate any issues that may arise in a comprehensive report so that they can be more easily addressed.


  • Practical Completion Defects Reports

Following the completion of construction consultants for the delivery may wish to have assistance in the provision of a defects inspection.


  • Individual Defects Reports

For a specific issue rather than a whole building we can provide an investigation into the problem that can help in its remediation and provide follow on support in the resolution process.


  • Dispute Assistance

We can provide advice and support in the redress of building issues. This can be in the form general advice, liaising with the parties concerned on your behalf, referral to the required specialist legal provider or consultant or project management for all of these items.


All our reports a based on a clear system of identification that includes:


  1. Provide the building particulars, classification and relevant construction codes
  2. Pictorially identify areas of concern
  3. Denote the location of the item
  4. Describe the item in writing
  5. Provide advice as to the originator of the fault if applicable
  6. Recommend remediation process
  7. Provide an indication of priority for addressing
  8. Provide an indicative budget over time for the addressing of the items’