Stuart has worked in both commercial construction and client-side development management in Australia and the UK. The ability to move between the worlds of construction and client side development is invaluable in cost and risk management. He provides a unique insight into ‘both sides of the fence’.

Previously he worked in residential development and construction in the UK for a number of years, before returning to Perth more than a decade ago. He has provided construction and development management services to both private companies and listed corporates alike. In a range of WA property roles Stuart has developed an effective network of contacts in every discipline and level of the property industry that he can bring to bear on a project.

Stuart’s design training provides an eye for the product, the market and the sale. His contractor experience and qualifications mean a strong emphasis on the practicality of product delivery. Above all, his development management experience means a broad knowledge of the project process from start to finish. This understanding enables him to bring all the elements together to get the job done.


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