Bluerock Projects has the capability to take on many differing kinds of construction project types. Residential, Commercial or Industrial – we stand ready to deliver.

Bluerock Projects has pioneered the use of Class 2-9 timber construction technology in Western Australia. With DeHavilland Apartments project we have demonstrated the feasibility and efficiency that timber construction brings.

We understand that timber alone is not the panacea to traditional construction methodologies, indeed in many cases it can complement and support traditional methods to provide the desired outcome. The complexity of Class 2-9 timber construction means that many other materials are required to be integrated into the construction and design process to make it work to greatest effect, some of them new to WA. For those materials and technologies that are new or rarely used in WA we have opened up or established the supply chains required to achieve the pricing and efficiency that makes the methodology work here in Western Australia.

We have combined the sustainability benefits inherent with timber with other complimentary sustainable elements. Such as recycled permeable paving and the first commercial use of Powerledger online tech with batteries and solar to show that we can deliver the complete cutting edge sustainable package for your development.

Commercial level timber construction has many other side benefits that help to support reasoning for its use. For example, as a side effect of the high levels of fire protection that are provided, thermal and acoustic performance is elevated. Overall, the result is that timber design can provide a better performing product than traditional methodologies in a number of aspects.

Bluerock Projects has also worked closely with architects and engineers to include many small construction features that are particular to making timber construction more feasible. Some of these features are unique to Bluerock Projects. Essentially many builders could undertake advanced timber construction in WA but with our design, development and construction experience we can provide the best value and program efficiencies. For example DeHavilland was delivered 30% faster than a traditional build would offer.

When it comes to the issue of cost the general market opinion is that sustainability comes at a premium and is therefore, for the most part, marginalised or considered a sales gimmick. The central tenant of Bluerock Projects is that sustainable and ethical construction does not need to carry a premium or be considered ‘special’. We see sustainable construction becoming the mainstream, everyday way of building.

In order to become the mainstream way to build we understand that we must provide better value to the marketplace. We will not simply match existing construction costs and offer time savings. We will provide a better product for less cost and time by virtue of most efficient use of materials and methods.

Bluerock Projects can simply tender for your project on plans provided, work with your preferred consultant team on a design to construct or deliver a turnkey project with full management services.

We believe that timber is part of a sustainable construction future that is kinder to the environment, more ethical, better performing and lower cost. Call us to find out more.

Technology and Innovation Award 2021


See below pictures from our DeHavilland Apartment project at 12, The Crescent in Midland. Purchased from the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) the site has a number of challenges that serve to demonstrate the ability of timber including:

  • Zero lot boundary with neighbouring property
  • Mixed use residential with Class 5-6 commercial space
  • Class 7 Integrated parking structure
  • Car stacker integration
  • Class S soils
  • Sloping site
  • Narrow building shape
  • Full site coverage
  • Offset service core location
  • Green Star Rating – 4 Star
  • NatHERS – 6.7 star
  • NABERS water rating – 5 star
  • NABERS energy rating – 6 star
12 The Cres Midland 18
12 The Cres Midland 27
12 The Cres Midland 41
12 The Cres Midland 44
12 The Cres Midland 70
12 The Cres Midland 79